Artworks by Karen Fincannon

Tucker, Georgia

Phone: 770-557-0666

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All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, hand built ceramic. I use a variety of clay bodies, primarily earthenware and paperclay. I create the textures with a number of different tools, some I?ve made myself, some I?ve purchased, such as rubber stamps, and some are just found objects. After construction, the pieces are bisque fired and finished with a variety of colorful underglazes and then fired for a second time.

My work is primarily whimsical in nature. I like to make art that makes others smile. I believe you should create the things you wish existed. My world is populated with flying elephants, smiling dogs and cats, and fat happy cows, goats, pigs, and sheep.

Because my work is of a whimsical nature, many people find it very accessible and are easily engaged. They understand that artwork can simultaneously be fun and well-crafted.

I?m so lucky to have a job I love. I get to spend my work days making art and sharing it with others!

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